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Islamicity has always been a pioneer in the Islamic tech industry. We were amongst the first to introduce the Qur’an on the Internet almost over 3 decades ago! This resulted in many finding Islam and served as reminders for others. Our unique search algorithm for pinpointing info in the vast ocean of knowledge in the Qur’an has been one of our greatest achievements. Combining this with the translations, transliteration, root word etymology, and other rich data we’ve collected on the Qur’an over the years has been a valuable resource to the Ummah. Today, we would like to unveil a new project we are working that will build upon the last 30 years of innovation.. a modern, state-of-the-art Qur’an app!

Why Another Qur’an App?

Indeed there is no shortage of Our’an apps in the App Store. However, many are outdated and bloated, with a poor user-experience, invasive and even inappropriate ads, and unethical privacy tactics. We are rising to the opportunity to fill a need to create a quality app that doesn’t compromise in its purpose or execution. It’s aim is to serve young muslims in the midst of a busy, fast-paced world.
This next-generation Our’an app has 3 key ingredients that makes it unique:

  1. Islamicity search algorithm
  2. Thematic structure of Clear Quran by Mustafa Khatab
  3. Leveraging the latest Apple technologies and UX

    It is an ambitious project that we hope will serve the next generations of the Ummah like we have served previous generations. It is no easy feat and we are partnering with one of the most well-known Apple developers in the space, the creator of Pray Watch! Some of you might already be using this app, which has disrupted the prayer app space with its brilliant design and quality. Zamzam will be joining us to do the same in the Quran app space! We encourage you to check out Pray Watch to get a glimpse of what’s in store for the future.

How to Help

This is a project of the ummah and would like to offer ways how you can help. First, sign up to get the beta! It is critical that the Ummah is part of the development process by sharing feedback, issues, and direction of the app.

The next area is helping us fund this project. We and our partner, Zamzam, are investing heavily in this project already, but our vision requires more bootstrapping. We need to give this project the attention and time it deserves! We estimate this project to be completed this year if we can raise the funds in time. To give you a glimpse of our innovative approach, our campaign will be innovative too and would like you to join…

The Campaign: NFTs
Most of you heard what NFTs are; indeed a large part of it is hype and speculation. However, there is a technology underneath it all that is set to revolution the world: unique artifacts on the blockchain that lives indefinitely. The blockchain is decentralized, resistant to censorship, and cannot be changed. This seemed like a perfect fit for the Qur’an!

Our crowdsourced funding campaign is actually a project in itself. We are creating an NFT out of each verse of the Qur’an and placing it on the blockchain. Its purpose is not for trading or to create a marketplace, but for placing the Qur’an on the blockchain just like we did by placing the Qur’an on the Internet, or previous generations who made Qur’an copies from the printing press. It is the next step of innovation!

The Qur’an verse will have meta data, such as translation, transliteration, Meccah/Madinah period, and other pieces of data where anyone in the world can plug into and read without permission in a decentralized way. The funds raised from the NFTs will be used to create the Qur’an app, and just as important, these NFT verses will live indefinitely on the blockchain as infrastructure pieces to be consumed.. no “website” to expire or be taken down!

If you are not into crypto or blockchain technologies, that’s ok. There are other ways to help fund or help this project. However, we are big believers in the next generation of the web and are at the forefront helping to shape and leverage its use to serve Allah and the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (saw) in new ways that weren’t possible before. We hope you share our vision and ambitions in this next chapter of Islamicity.

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