Next generation Quran app in an
elegant, modern interface.

Search algorithm

Powerful search algorithm, matured over 3 decades from IslamiCity: phonetic, translations, loose phrases, keywords and more

Integrated dApp & mobile3

Connect your wallet to unlock features such as voting on proposals, discussions, viewing integrated NFT’s, and more

Clear Quran translation

Clear Quran translation by Mustafa Khattab english translation and thematic structure; easy to understand and scholar approved

Latest technologies & UX

The latest trends and timeless UX guidelines to serve younger generations for second to none experience

Hold verse to pause

To digest meaning, hold ayah while playing to pause when audio finishes ayah; then let go to continue

Progress bar while reading

Get a glimpse of where you are in the surah to let you know if you should push through or pause for another day

Notification reminders

If life gets busy, notification will be triggered to remind you to get back

Social community

Each verse has comments to discuss and reflect with the community; a lost art the sahaba used to do

Home widget

Widget on your device home or lock screen for displaying where you left off for easy access with one tap

Media player

Inspired from Apple Music and other music apps for easy access and familiar control

Word-by-word translation

Learn what each word means and see its root word to help build your Quranic vocabulary

Tafasir of chapters & verses

Supplement translations with integrated explanations from renown scholars about chapters & verses as footnotes to add layers of meaning

Bookmarks, tags, & notes

Categorize verses into groups or simply pick up where you left off

Create playlists

Play a collection of verses or chapters in the sequence you like; great for studying a topic or playing a list of duaa’ verses

CarPlay integration

Take the app with you in the car for playing on roadtrips or in traffic

Siri integration

Ask Siri to play a surah, verse, playlist, or where you left off

Mushaf mode

Read in Arabic-only mode for less distractions while trying to memorize or reading the original text

Accessibility support

We believe in inclusion; accessibility baked in from the start for those needing extra help

Dark & light mode

Switch between dark and light mode to accommodate any environment you’re in

Chronological sorting

Want the option to read the Quran in the order as it was revealed? No problem! Great for following the seerah which adds extra dimensions of context

Sorting by length

Want to read or memorize the chapters from shortest to longest? No problem! Great for brushing up on old surahs.

Set play timer

Play for a certain amount of time for routine & keeping consistency. The app is also smart enough to wait until the verse is done instead of stopping in the middle of it.

Legend of symbols

Ever wondered what all those symbols means above letters, middle of verses, and other places? Wonder no more! Bring up the legend to know when to pause, keep going, and other reading tips

Smart stop

When you hit the stop button, the app is smart enough to let the current verse finish instead of stopping abruptly in the middle

iCloud integration

Sync your bookmarks, tags, notes, playlist, history and more across all your devices

Add silence time

Pause between verses to reflect, digest, or recite before moving on

Auto pause at sajdah

Player automatically pauses when it reaches a verse with a sajdah; no more fumbling around and gives you a chance to make sajood!

Repeat range of verse

Play a range of verses and repeat them to help in memorization exercises

Speed setting

Speed up or slow down the recitation to follow along just right

Tajweed color coding

Toggle tajweed color coding to give you tips on how to pronounce while reading

Custom curriculum

Create a schedule & curriculum for studying goals. The app even splits up long chapters over the course of a specified time to help plan your schedule.

History of reading & recitation

Quickly pick up where you left off by viewing your history of the last read verse

Long-press words

Display extra context of words by display its definition and root meaning of the Arabic word; also works in the English translation in case you come across a complex word

Swipe between translations

Quickly swipe between translations while playing to give extra meaning if one translation isn’t making sense for a verse

Scrubber forward & backwards

Use the scrubber to control a verse like a DJ! Great if you want to repeat a segment of a verse instead of the whole verse while trying to memorize

Highlight partial verses

During memorization, play a segment of a verse even in repetition instead of the entire verse; great for breaking down long verses

Community integration

Get anonymous insight on what everyone is reading, highlighting, and bookmarking; get a pulse on the Ummah. Privacy baked in!

SharePlay integration

Share the Quran experience in a halaqa-style setting where play, pause, and pace is synced across a group of people in real time; pauses for all to discuss and read together

Message stickers

Share a single or group verses over Messages with friends & family; great for reminders, relate to current events, or just to lift someone’s spirits

iPad compatibility

One size does not fit all! iPad-specific design to leverage the full screen and tablet best practices.

Apple Silicon compatibility

Use the app on your Mac and leverage all the same powerful features. Don’t settle for slow, uninspiring websites any more!

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