A Quran App to the Mobile-First Generation

  • Search Algorithm
    IslamiCity has one of the most powerful and unique search algorithms of the Quran! It has matured over 3 decades and now we want to bring this into a mobile app.
  • Thematic Structure
    The Clear Quran translation by Mustafa Khattab is one of the most important works in our Ummah’s history. We are using the English translation and thematic structure as a key ingredient of what makes this app unique.
  • Latest technologies & UX
    We leverage the latest trends and timeless UX guidelines to serve the younger generation second to none experience that we have all come used to.
Quran Plus App Mockup

App Roadmap

This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • October 2021

    Creation of the idea of
    Quran+ project ✅

  • December 2021

    App features surveying,
    requirements, and mockups ✅

  • January 2022

    Design Quran Verse NFTs
    as crowdfunding initiative ✅

  • Ramadan 2022

    Launch of minting
    Quran Verse NFTs ✅

  • Q3.2022

    Creation of DAO
    for NFT holders ✅

  • Q4.2022

    Prototype of
    Quran+ app ✅

  • Q1.2023

    Development of
    Quran app

  • Ramadan 2023

    Launch of
    Quran+ beta


In 1995, the beginning years of the public internet, IslamiCity was the first website to make the entire Quran available in audio and text online. Now we embark on another ambitious project that we hope will serve many generations to come of the Ummah. It is no easy feat and we are partnering with one of the most well-known Apple developers in the space, the creator of Pray Watch, Zamzam. This app has disrupted the prayer app space with its brilliant design and quality. The team at Zamzam will be joining us to do the same in the Quran app space.


Let us introduce you to the team
that will make it all happen.

Mohammad Aleem

President, CEO & Co-founder, HADI
Amr Saemaldahr

Amr Saemaldahr

CTO & Co-founder, HADI
Dr. Mahbuba Hammad

Dr. Mahbuba Hammad

Research & Projects, HADI
Basem Emara

Basem Emara

Founder & Builder, Zamzam
Haluk Karamete

Mustafa Karamete

Web & Software Development, HADI
Nabeha Aleem

Nabeeha Aleem

Mobile Apps Development, HADI
Munir Shaikh

Munir Shaikh

Senior Advisor for Education, HADI
Sarah Mahmoud

Sarah Mahmoud

Social Media Outreach, Zamzam

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