Our Team

Quran+ Team

Each and every one of our team members represents the Ummah spirit: passion, drive, and innovation. We are dynamic individuals with a passion for digital excellence of the internet era. Together, we strive to provide the best products possible.

Mohammad Aleem

President, CEO & Co-founder, HADI
Amr Saemaldahr

Amr Saemaldahr

CTO & Co-founder, HADI
Dr. Mahbuba Hammad

Dr. Mahbuba Hammad

Research & Projects, HADI
Basem Emara

Basem Emara

Founder & Builder, Zamzam
Haluk Karamete

Mustafa Karamete

Web & Software Development, HADI
Nabeha Aleem

Nabeeha Aleem

Mobile Apps Development, HADI

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