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Use the app on your Mac and leverage all the same powerful features. Don’t settle for slow, uninspiring websites any more!

One size does not fit all! iPad-specific design to leverage the full screen and tablet best practices.

Share a single or group verses over Messages with friends & family; great for reminders, relate to current events, or just to lift someone’s spirits

Share the Quran experience in a halaqa-style setting where play, pause, and pace is synced across a group of people in real time; pauses for all to discuss and read together

Get anonymous insight on what everyone is reading, highlighting, and bookmarking; get a pulse on the Ummah. Privacy baked in!

During memorization, play a segment of a verse even in repetition instead of the entire verse; great for breaking down long verses

Use the scrubber to control a verse like a DJ! Great if you want to repeat a segment of a verse instead of the whole verse while trying to memorize

Quickly swipe between translations while playing to give extra meaning if one translation isn’t making sense for a verse

Display extra context of words by display its definition and root meaning of the Arabic word; also works in the English translation in case you come across a complex word

Quickly pick up where you left off by viewing your history of the last read verse

Create a schedule & curriculum for studying goals. The app even splits up long chapters over the course of a specified time to help plan your schedule.

Toggle tajweed color coding to give you tips on how to pronounce while reading

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