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Speed up or slow down the recitation to follow along just right

Play a range of verses and repeat them to help in memorization exercises

Player automatically pauses when it reaches a verse with a sajdah; no more fumbling around and gives you a chance to make sajood!

Pause between verses to reflect, digest, or recite before moving on

Sync your bookmarks, tags, notes, playlist, history and more across all your devices

When you hit the stop button, the app is smart enough to let the current verse finish instead of stopping abruptly in the middle

Ever wondered what all those symbols means above letters, middle of verses, and other places? Wonder no more! Bring up the legend to know when to pause, keep going, and other reading tips

Play for a certain amount of time for routine & keeping consistency. The app is also smart enough to wait until the verse is done instead of stopping in the middle of it.

Want to read or memorize the chapters from shortest to longest? No problem! Great for brushing up on old surahs.

Want the option to read the Quran in the order as it was revealed? No problem! Great for following the seerah which adds extra dimensions of context

Switch between dark and light mode to accommodate any environment you’re in

We believe in inclusion; accessibility baked in from the start for those needing extra help

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