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To digest meaning, hold ayah while playing to pause when audio finishes ayah; then let go to continue

The latest trends and timeless UX guidelines to serve younger generations for second to none experience

Clear Quran translation by Mustafa Khattab english translation and thematic structure; easy to understand and scholar approved

Connect your wallet to unlock features such as voting on proposals, discussions, viewing integrated NFT’s, and more

Powerful search algorithm, matured over 3 decades from IslamiCity: phonetic, translations, loose phrases, keywords and more

Verses in the app will have a reference to the NFT & who adopted it to help support it.

Be a stakeholder by voting on features and make key decisions through Ummah DAO.

Receive airdrops from us and partners for new initiatives, events, & other NFTs.

NFT provides access to the Ummah Metaverse and pre-sale to virtual land launch.

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